SEDUCO – Online Training and Seminar Management Software

SEDUCO is a booking platform and online management tool that allows you to manage your trainings, courses, seminars & e-learnings in an automated manner and to accept registrations directly from your website.

Do you manage registration lists in Excel still? Do you send invoices, invitations and certificates manually? Do you post your offers on your website manually? Do you spend a lot of time on administration? How would it be if these tasks were suddenly done as if by magic?

SEDUCO as a booking platform and online administration supports you as a training provider, educational institution, academy, freelance coach, trainer, speaker, and others in the tendering, administration and organisation of your learning events. And this is no matter for which type and combination of events: Practical training, e-learning, hybrid learning, blended learning or live-online. Manage offers, participants, instructors and much more centrally in one place online: within your SEDUCO platform. Thanks to standard built-in automatisms, SEDUCO becomes your cost-effective digital assistant and takes care of the entire administration.

Stop doing work that doesn’t generate revenue. We, a team of experienced course makers and software developers, have created SEDUCO to support you with the tools you need to organise and implement successful learning events and seminars. Thanks to the seamless integration of Moodle™ LMS, you can also manage and implement e-learning and hybrid learning – fully automated and without any coding skills.

  • Comprehensive: planning, marketing, administration, implementation, accounting, evaluation
  • Transparent: Everything at a glance thanks to a central, multilingual software solution
  • Economical: Automation of tasks and activities (up to 60% time saving)
  • Innovative: Integrated e-learning by Moodle LMS support
  • Tailor-made: Individual adaptations and extensions possible at any time

Features to help your seminars, learning events, and e-learnings succeed

  • Offer administration
  • Promote your offers on your website
  • Client / participant administration
  • Lecturer / speaker management and scheduling
  • Venue management
  • Automated communications (invoices, invitations & reminders)
  • Certificates
  • Invoicing and dunning
  • Participant and attendance lists
  • Certificate management
  • Vouchers & promotions
  • Evaluations & reports
  • E-Learning
  • etc.

Features to help your learning events and seminars succeed

You are a training provider, educational institution, freelance coach, trainer, speaker or any other person and offer courses, seminars, workshops or e-learning for companies and private individuals, which take place in your own or external training rooms or at your customers’ premises. And, you would like to manage your  training management centralised, cost-effectively and without manual effort. Then you are right with us!

Welcome to SEDUCO!

SEDUCO as online software is operated by experienced course and software makers and was born out of the pure need to streamline seminar and course administration and minimize tedious administrative work. No more manually sending out invoices and invitations, compiling participant lists and posting offers manually on the website.

By using SEDUCO in your company, you can handle the entire course or seminar administration in an automated, transparent and time-saving manner.

Simply digital: this is how your business is done using SEDUCO

How nice would it be if you could manage all processes of the seminar and course administration in a single software, in which you have the overview at any time and thus can guarantee a smooth process, high-quality and optimal profitability of your offers?

SEDUCO as online software takes care of all your administrative tasks in the background – reliably, error-free and at any time of day. With only a few clicks, you may create a new offer. SEDUCO publishes it on your website. Your customers register themselves autonomously. Or you register the customers on their behalf. Sending the invoice, payment confirmation, invitations, certificates, all this and much more is done for you by the SEDUCO software – and this even in multiple languages. Enjoy the time after work, or use the time gained to expand your offers.

How easy it is to manage your courses and seminars in SEDUCO?

Very simple! Sign up for a subscription, and you will receive the access data for your personal SEDUCO platform within the next few hours. Enter your training events on your SEDUCO platform, define the venue and speakers and bang!, your courses are already bookable. Send the booking link via e-mail or integrate the offers into your website. And soon the first bookings will arrive.


Timely, automated sending of communications to participants, in multiple languages.


Intuitive and user-friendly training management software for digitized administration. No training required to work with it.


Optimizing your events in terms of occupancy and profitability while at saving time and money on manual labour hours.


Functions and interfaces can be extended according to your needs.

SEDUCO – Online Training and Seminar Management

Organise all training management tasks seamlessly in one solution and free up time by automating administration and routine work.

SEDUCO is the ideal software if you wish to reduce costs and effort in your training management, or if you want your administrative staff to do more meaningful activities than manually compiling participant lists and sending out invitations.

SEDUCO is one of a few training management solutions that takes care of the entire administration in a fully automated approach.

Grow profitably with our training & seminar management solution

The functions that SEDUCO offers are all based on long-term experience in the course and seminar administration of our customers.
90% of the existing functionalities have been created based on inputs from our customers, and these make SEDUCO both genuine and hands-on. SEDUCO only offers the functions that you really need. This strategy makes the software straightforward and the operation simple and intuitive. In addition, SEDUCO contains many automatisms which support you in the administration.

Plus, SEDUCO is a web-based software. All you require is a computer and an internet connection; you don’t need to install or update anything.
Your data is managed in Switzerland and remains in Switzerland at all times (data hosting in an EU country is possible on request). We take care of data maintenance and data backups while you sell and manage your trainings and seminars.

The SEDUCO features
Support of the most common training and presentation methods
  • On-site
  • E-Learning¹
  • E-Learning¹ & on-site
  • On-site & E-Learning¹
  • Webinars

¹) Interface to Moodle e-learning platform

Offers bookable online 24/7
  • All offers at a glance
  • Offers can be booked online at any time
  • Calendar of all offers clearly arranged
  • Integration of offers into your website or by direct link
Real-time overview at any time
  • Incoming bookings
  • Booking figures & occupancy of all offers
  • Calendar displaying all offers
  • Participant lists & learning progress per participant
  • Statistics & Reports
Keep your finances under control
  • Accounting (CHF & EUR)
  • Summary of incoming payments
  • Dunning process
  • Remuneration payments for lecturers / instructors
  • Various currencies & VAT rates
Customer portal with self-service features
  • Customer portal & account for your clients (participating person)
  • Self-service: obtain documents, brochures & information
  • Personal learning paths for each booking
  • Shop function for ancillary products
  • Multilingual (platform & e-mail)
State-of-the-art software & services
  • Intuitive, modern user interface
  • Multiple user roles with different permissions
  • Settings & parameters adjustable per instance
  • Multilingual (DE, FR, IT, EN)
  • Personal support by phone & e-mail (Mon-Fri 08-18 CET)
Partner offers
  • Technical support for your e-learning platform
  • Creation of e-learning content
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Sending e-mail documents by regular mail
  • Bexio interface (soon available)

Bring in your ideas and wishes!

We would be delighted to work with you to further develop SEDUCO and bring in your ideas and requirements. Because this is how we have become successful in the past.